Not LINE? Then, what apps for chat are popular in each of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia?

The apps which are used very well in ASEAN will be introduced this time.

LINE is used most in Japan. There is some evidence that it is popular in ASEAN as well, but it also faces the difficulty perhaps under the process of penetration. The most stunning reason is the pre-existing apps whose functions are quite similar.

1)     WhatsApps derived from US

Users easily do chatting as long as it is installed. In addition, you can see whether the receiver read your message or not like LINE function. It is so light, and focuses on chatting function without games and social networking services. However, you can send easily picture, video, music, and map.

2)     BBM (blackberry messenger), which is more important than the mobile number in Indonesia

BBM allows those who use blackberry in common to chat for free. Interestingly, instead of say hello, the term “Could you let me know your BBM PIN?” are exchanged in Indonesia. However, recently, iphone and android has got more popular than blackberry actually.

3)     WeChat, which is regarded to be must-apps in China, and the real rival toward LINE as well

It has all the functions of LINE, and also connect with those who are around user due to locational information function. Surprisingly, it ranks 5th worldwide. That implies more than 25% of those who use smart phones use this app.

On the other hand, LINE is spread broadly in Thailand because character stamps are quite cute, otherwise family and friends use it. Thus, whether those who are around you use the app or not matters.

4)     KakaoTalk, which is the most popular app in South Korea

Like LINE and WeChat, its functions are almost the same. However, it is still popular among some who have linkage with Korean in Vietnam and Thailand.

5)     What kinds of Popular Social Media Is Popular Except For Chat? Pinterest, Instagram, and Path

When it comes to game, Candy crush saga, a kind of puzzle game connected with facebook, is played very well. Regarding pictures, Instagram is widely used, and Pinterest is also popular among ladies in particular to Malaysian women. In terms of anything else, Path, which imposes on the limitation of only 150 friends, gets popular in Indonesia where facebook has already been tiring.

We, Asiaclick provides you with information and solution toward using these apps as business measure!


The Latest Information about Big 5 EC Websites in Indonesia. Surprisingly, a certain biggest Social Networking Service has already been ready for the market????

Recently Indonesia has been paid much more attention as the bigger growth market. In spite of the lower penetration of Internet (about 20%), it is worth to keep paying attention to the nation owing to the fourth biggest population, 250 million people, and the number of facebook users with the big population. Indeed, EC website market blooms such as Rakuten Indonesia with cash on delivery system.

This time the main 5 EC websites in Indonesia are going to be introduced.

1.     Kaskus

The biggest bulletin board is provided by Kaskus. The practical figures illustrates that UU is 30 million per month, PV is 1 billion, and income is 7.5 billion IDR. Its unique settle account system of KasPay is achieved success as EC website.

Alexa Ranking: 361th Indonesia Ranking: 2nd

2.     TokoBagus

TokoBagus is another C2C marketplace which is which is confidently rising to the top in Indonesia. Users can post their ads for free there. The company itself is quite aggressive in placing their video ads everywhere.

Alexa Ranking: 891th. Indonesia Ranking: 15th

3.     Berniaga

Berniaga is said to be a kind of C2C’s EC website, introduced 15 thousands products per day, and operated by both Singapore Press Holding and Schibsted Classified Media in Norway.

Alexa Ranking: 1728th. Indonesia Ranking: 22nd.

TokoBagus makes much of ads the most, whereas Berniaga is not very well known due to lack of ads.
When it comes to usability, it is the worst to use Kasukus. So it is expected to develop the system and function. Furthermore, how to connect EC website with its considerable amount of information from the biggest bulletin board can be a main key point.

4.     Multiply
Like Taobao in China, Multiply encourages users to create their own shops. Regarding payment, cash on delivery systems, credit cards, and budget accounts can put into practice. Since 2013, Multiply has transformed from weblog service to this EC website.

Alexa Ranking: 705th Indonesia Ranking: 47th

5.     Bhinneka
Bhinneka is the biggest EC website to be sold electrical appliances as B2C. In addition, it has launched the C2C website of Bursa Bhinneka since 1999.
Users can pay by either credit card or cash, and get products for free in Jakarta.

Alexa Ranking: 3978th Indonesia Ranking: 54th

6.     Facebook
Some might be wondering why facebook ranks even though it is not a kind of EC website. However, surprisingly, sales contract is placed on facebook in Indonesia. According to research done by VeriTrans Inc, the famous settlement company, facebook is regarded to be the most popular EC website as well as Kaskus.

There are 47 million people who register facebook in Indonesia. Some companies have already provided users with the online shopping system of shopping cart just like amazon as it occurs in Singapore and Malaysia.

Alexa Ranking: 2nd Indonesia Ranking: 2nd

Moreover, Rakuten Belanja Indonesia (Local EC website of MNC media group cooperates with Rakuten, the biggest EC website in Japan) and BliBli (Bjarum cooperates with BCA) growing faster.

The infrastructure of EC website system has successfully developed, even though Indonesia is a quite big country. In addition to cash on delivery systems, credit cards, budget accounts, free delivery services, bike delivery services are sharply penetrated as well. With this trend, specific EC websites such as for baby products, fashion items, gifts are likely to increase.

As can be seen from the success in China, firstly getting at consumers and their behavior toward products via social media such as facebook is required. Secondly, your products should adapt to the local demand while you store the knowledge and skill. This procedure promisingly leads you to achieve success in Indonesia!


The difference and feature of each market in China, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia

Fortunately, I have continuously got chances to work in aforementioned these four nations, China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

My story triggered from my homestay experience in Singapore and Malaysia a decade ago. At that time finding even the communication with friends quite difficult to make myself understood Mandarin and English, I could not grasp the market.

Now that I would like to illustrate one fact of the difference and feature of each market in China, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia where I have pursued for ten years. The fact might be different from what is told in general, but undoubtedly can be truth.

(The feature of Chinese Market) The Mechanism of Preventing Japanese Companies to From Winning

1)     The control of Chinese government which leads Chinese companies to achieve success
2)     The basic view is that humans are inherently evil. You cannot easily believe Chinese.
3)     The quite hard competitive society where on cannot care for others
4)     No bribe No success
5)     Against Japan

Japanese companies and institutions are highly recommended to compare with any other markets. By way of contrast, they should continue to consider Chinese market as the biggest market in Asia.

(The feature of Thailand (Bangkok) Market) Haphazard and Epicurean Market with Unbalance of sex

1)     Without social welfare, men are imposed on heavier burden which makes citizens much worry about future
2)     The rate of men and women is 1 and 2 respectively. Whilst the population of men are decreasing, that of women are increasing.
3)     Men are said to be the worst unfaithful, whereas women are referred to the worst envious.
4)     People tend to be more greedy and extravagant with the promotion against men dominated society
5)     Sweet getaway from reality
6)     People are reluctant to read anything. Instead, pictures are inevitable. As a joke, it is said that Thailand people read only 8 lines per year.

Mostly, life is given up. Instead, next life is expected much more. In this view, items which make people comfortable and joyful can get popular. The middle layer has got bigger with growth of the average household income. Thailand people are gradually demanding.

(The feature of Malaysia Market) The racial emotion still lingers with struggling political situation. Welcome to the entrance of Islamic world.

1)     The country consists mainly on Malay, Malay Chinese, and Indian, and is a multiracial nation.
2)     Preferential policy toward Malay, what is called bumiputera, which leads to others’ dissatisfaction.
3)     Malay Chinese mostly control economics in the country.
4)     The social status of Indian is lower than others which leads to their anger toward the government
5)     The authoritarian regime, and incidents with this system.
6)     Malay Chinese can usually speak 5 or 6 languages, so are expected worldwide as human resources in labor market.
7)     Muslim in the country obey to the hardest disciplines in Asia. That implies just like the entrance of Islamic world

Malaysia heads toward developed countries faster than any others in ASEAN region. However, better comprehension of racial and political issues are needed. Moreover, highly sophisticated human resources are paid to attention which enables you to open up new Islamic market.

(The feature of Singapore Market) High pride, price, and competitiveness
1)     The struggling situation between Singaporean and white-collar foreigners
2)     Concern about future is shared due to expensive life costs.
3)     The bigger gap between rich (winner) and poor (loser) in urban area
4)     Strong adherence to English
5)     Successful independent Chinese nation which attracts any other Chinese countries

The cost effectiveness is not higher. Instead, it is worthy functioning as the hub of information and trade in Asia region.

(The feature of Indonesia (Jakarta) Market) The big and open Islamic market

1)     Lax Halal disciplines which occasionally are allowed Muslims to have pork or alcohol.
2)     About half of the population are provided with secondary education. Bigger gap between rich and poor.
3)     Transport infrastructure:×, telecommunication infrastructure:
4)     Humility individually, and bold collectively. Be careful of demonstration.
5)     Middle layer is anticipated to grow approximately three times by 2030. The fourth biggest population.

The different situation toward Halal discipline and items which enables Indonesian to make life easier and develop are highly recommended.

Even though these belongs to ASEAN region, each of them is completely different.
When it comes to the difference between China and ASEAN, whether they are for Japan or not.

In addition to it, to what extent the government’s intervention works, and to what extent Japanese companies possibly make profits, are quite important, because communism are easily forced to profitable companies to nationalize. There is some evidence that bribes, the government intervention and feeling against Japan might occur. But the possible is lower than Chinese one.

I strongly hope to let you directly feel ASEAN experience. We, Asiaclick would be most grateful to assist you.

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